What we do

Biomass Research focuses on research and advice on the development and evaluation of biobased and bioenergy production.

Our activities include:

  • land use change assessments
  • biomass and residue inventarisation
  • carbon debt analysis
  • market analysis and chain development
  • sustainability evaluation and certification advice
  • decentral bioenergy production development

Some of our clients

  • IEA Bioenergy
  • Food industry
  • European Commission
  • Ministry of Economic affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (NL)
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO)
  • Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency (PBL)
  • Wageningen University and Research Centre


Biomass Research frequently collaborates with other professionals and companies. 

Some of our products and projects

  • Optimal stover removal rate for lignocellulosic ethanol production 
  • Overview paper on the impacts of SRC introduction in Europe 
  • Evaluating the performance of decentral coffee bioenergy production in Honduras
  • Inventory of biobased options from crop and industrial residues 
  • EU inventory project ‘Impacts of Renewable Energy’
  • Market analysis for biobased products from the potato industry
  • Bioenergy alongside other land use options (IEA Bioenergy Task43)
  • Development of smallscale decentralised ethanol production units for Indonesia
  • Sustainability assessment of biomass production (NTA8080, RFA, other)
  • Analysis of indirect land use change (iLUC) of biofuels, fossil fuels
  • Designing sustainable and profitable systems
  • Development of innovative decentralised bioenergy production
  • Project coordination and management
  • Book: The Biobased economy. Biofuels, materials and chemicals in the post-oil era (www.earthscan.co.uk)
  • Sustainability Quick Scan
  • CEN TC383 working group developing an international standard for GHG emission reduction calculations