Biomass Research

… is a dynamic research and consulting firm devoted to the development, analysis and evaluation of bioenergy and biobased production. We combine a strong background in scientific research, a pragmatic approach, an energetic attitude and a clear analytical view.

Our Motto

More data, better analysis, less speculation

Biomass Research collaborates with a range of stakeholders: industry, science, policy and NGO’s.

We apply a quantitative data-based approach, using time-series analysis and balance approaches defining an in-depth analysis of crop production systems. In our analysis we provide an integrated analysis of data on soils, climate, farming systems, household economics and market development.

Some of our activities include:

Production potential assesment

Biomass and residue availability

Nutrient and organic matter balances

Land use change

Carbon debt

GHG emissions

Market analysis and chain development

Advice on certification processes

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