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Our mission is to provide good quality data to the public, scientists and policy makers. We produce a range of papers, books, posters, reports and peer-reviewed articles on agricultural systems, sustainable biomass production and conversion to bioenergy.

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Too often, discussions on bioenergy are insufficiently supported by hard evidence. Although this is understandable given the importance of the issues of sustainability, food security, climate change and social justice, it may not always contribute to finding the correct answers. Scientific research on many issues, e.g. net contribution of biofuel production from starch or oil crops to GHG emission reductions or impact of biofuel legislation on price increases and malnutrition) still is insufficient to allow final conclusions. Thus, the confusion is expected to remain here for a while. Increasingly, however, factual knowledge is becoming available. While this is often difficult to find in the massive information flows we are confronted with, and also because the real value is found in confronting individual pieces of information with each other, placing them in (historical) perspective, I think it is important to share such information. Internet can play a great role here. It is my intention to place from time to time some of the factual knowledge, plus insights that can be gained from them, on my website. Reactions are welcomed. Stay tuned.


Our staff has been involved in over 250 presentations  (nearly 90 of which invited), held in 22 countries, on the perspectives of bioenergy and biobased economy, sustainable biomass for bioenergy production, agricultural production systems, and certification. National and international audiences consisting of farmers, NGO´s, scientists, policy makers and business representatives.

A selection of recent presentations:

May 29, 2018. JWA Langeveld. Dutch bioeconomy strategy: principles and perspectives for climate energy and materials. Paper presented at Sinal conference, Chalon-en-Champagne (FR)

March 7, 2017. Langeveld, JWA. ‘Barriers and bottlenecks for the bioenergy sector.’ Paper presented at the workshop “Barriers and bottlenecks for the development of the bioenergy sector.” Bucharest (RO)

February 9, 2017. Langeveld, JWA. ‘Bioenergy and land use change: state of science and debate.’ Paper presented at the workshop Joint seminar: From resource to sustainable business. Joensuu (FI)

February 8, 2017. Langeveld, JWA. ‘WP3 – Governing land use and bioenergy supply chains’. Presentation given at IEA Bioenergy Task43 task meeting. Joensuu (FI)

April  6, 2016. ‘Bioenergy opportunities to improve resource use efficiency: effects on land use with a landscape perspective.’ Paper presented at a conference of the International Association of Landscape Ecology. Asheville (NC), USA

November 5, 2015. ‘Online data management for quality assessment, benchmarking and performance evaluation.’ RVO H2020 Social issues call. Utrecht, the Netherlands