What we do

Research and advice on the development and evaluation of biobased and bioenergy production.
Our focus is pragmatic but factual. We provide a thorough analysis, based on scientific insights and years of pratical experience. Facts are checked, which often leads to new – surprising – insights.
Our work has been praised as comprehensive and solid.
Our activities include:
• land use change assessments;
• biomass and residue inventorisation;
• carbon debt analysis;
• market analysis and chain development;
• sustainability evaluation and certification advice;
• decentral bioenergy production development.

We provide reports, analyses, and scientific articles. Our work is presented in international fora.
We assist industry, policy, NGOs and other stakeholders in assessing opportunities, pitfalls and potentials of biomass for biobased and bioenergy use. Our work is characterised as solid, factual and balanced. In our projects, we colloborate with a range of stakeholders ranging from industry to science and NGO’s.

Typical projects and products:
• Optimal stover removal rate for lignocellulosic ethanol production (economic, ecological and environmental impacts)
• Overview paper on the impacts of SRC introduction in Europe (soil, water, biodiversity)
• Evaluating the performance (technical, economic, social, environmental) of decentral coffee bioenergy production in Honduras
• Inventory of biobased options from crop and industrial residues (cereals, potato, coffee, etc.)
• EU inventory project ‘Impacts of Renewable Energy’
• Market analysis for biobased products potato industry
• Bioenergy alongside other land use options (IEA Bioenergy Task43)
• Development of smallscale decentralised ethanol production units for Indonesia
• Sustainability assessment of biomass production (NTA8080, RFA, other)
• Analysis of indirect land use change (iLUC) of biofuels, fossil fuels
• Design of more sustainable and profitable systems
• Development of innovative decentralised bioenergy production
• Project coordination and management
• Book: The Biobased economy. Biofuels, materials and chemicals in the post-oil era (www.earthscan.co.uk)
• Sustainability Quick Scan
• CEN TC383 working group developing an international standard for GHG emission reduction calculations

Our clients:
• IEA Bioenergy
• Food industry
• European Commission
• Ministry of Economic affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (NL)
• Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO)
• Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency (PBL)
• Wageningen University and Research Centre

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