Our staff has been involved in over 230 presentations  (of which 55 invited), held in 20 countries, on the perspectives of bioenergy and biobased economy, sustainable biomass for bioenergy production, agricultural production systems, and certification. National and international audiences consisting of farmers, NGO´s, scientists, policy makers and business representatives.

A selection:

April  6, 2016. ‘Bioenergy opportunities to improve resource use efficiency: effects on land use with a landscape perspective’. Paper presented at a conference of the International Association of Landscape Ecology. Asheville (NC), USA

November 5, 2015. ‘Online data management for quality assessment, benchmarking and performance evaluation’. RVO H2020 Social issues call. Utrecht, the Netherlands

June 13, 2014. ‘Developing a questionnaire for the joint survey’. SCAR Strategic Working Group on Sustainable use of Bioresources. The Hague, Netherlands

May 22, 2014. ‘Biogas from residues’. Project meeting Mobilising sustainable supply chains. Copenhagen, Denmark.

August 16, 2013. ‘Biobased economy: ketenontwikkeling en systeemdenken’. Avans Hogeschool. Breda (the Netherlands)
June 5, 2013. Setup of the biogas project. IEA Bioenergy Intertask Mobilising sustainable bioenergy supply chains meeting. Copenhagen (Denmark)

April 18, 2013. ‘Soil as a factor of production in a biobased economy’. 12th International UFZ-Deltares conference on groundwater-soils-systems and water resouce management

May 24, 2012. Biomass for bioenergy and added value: an integrated approach. Rio+20 conference Green Economy.
Bogotá (Colombia)

April 18-19, 2012. Trends in biomass: demand, availability, and logistics. 2nd National forum on biomass burning.
Krakow (Poland)

February 20, 2012. Applying multipliers to bioenergy systems. A conceptual approach. IEA Bioenergy Task43 meeting. Charleston (USA)

December 12, 2011. Keys to succes and stakeholder interaction. Groningen (the Netherlands)

June 9, 2011. iLUC policies for the EU. 19th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition held 6-9 June 2011. Berlin (Germany)

May 6, 2010. Perspectives of biofuels and biobased products for agricultural populations in developing countries: a review. 18th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition. Lyon (France).
Biobased economy_Langeveld and Dixon

December, 14, 2009. The biobased economy. Biofuels, materials and chemicals in the post-oil ara. Side event of the 10th COP, 14 December 2009. Copenhagen (Denmark).
June 4, 2008. Climate change and biomass availability: a lucky match? 16th European Biomass Conference. Valencia (Spain)
Climate change and biomass production

January 22, 2008. Energy and greenhouse gas balances of biofuel crops. Biofuel 2G conference, Pamplona (Spain)

July 12, 2007. Biomass supply in the European Union. Renewables 2020. Towards 20%. Portugese Ministry of energy and innovation at the occasion of the Portugese presidency of the EU, Lisbon (P)

Chairing and facilitating meetings
Friends of Europe – The rise of the biobased economy

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